Best and worst bets

  • What’s the most money you’ve ever wasted in a bad matched bet? Perhaps you layed the wrong selection. Perhaps you backed instead of layed. Perhaps you used a free bet in-play; you placed your lay bet first and a goal made the odds crashed.

    What’s the most money you’ve ever made out of one matched bet? Perhaps you backed instead of layed but that won! Perhaps you used a free bet in-play and then a goal made the odds crash. Perhaps you just took a crazy gamble!

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Guppyboy 0

    My best bet this year netted me about £550 and it wasn’t an accident. It was a straightforward matched bet: £50 on a horse at 10/1, all laid off at the exchange. In a twist of events I ended up winning at the bookies AND at the exchange.

    Technically the horse was first past the post and the bookie paid out, BUT the official verdict disqualified the winner and relegated it to 2nd place, so the exchange paid out as a non-winner. A lucky turn of events!

    perrybhoy 0

    I backed a horse at £50 at 6/1 but forgot to lay it at the exchange.It romped home and I was quids in. Then the other side of the coin I did the Bet365 £50 risk free bet. I laid it off first and then I forgot to back it! Needless to say I lost around £200 at the exchange. I have learned my lessons since. I write down all my bets and tick them off as I go along. It’s very easy to forget when you have a few to back and lay over different accounts at the same time!

    RyanB 11

    I backed & lay’d a horse for £200 and I wanted it to win due to low funds in my bookies account, after cheering it to win it lost on the line which I was quite annoyed about. Went to the exchange to find I was £200 up…turned out I lay’d it twice, as I thought it hadn’t matched so did it again (whoops). I find it amusing that because I wanted it to win it lost, when in actual fact I needed it to lose or I would have been quite alot down! Moral of the story always check if your bet has been matches or not!

    Mark 1

    I think I backed the same horse as guppy boy, that was a good bet! Couldn’t believe it at first as even Willhill twitter said that they wouldn’t pay out on a disqualified or relegated horse!

    Worst bets I’ve backed loser and laid the winner on the exchange by accident cost me around £300 and my first experience at backing and laying a basketball accumulator cost me over £400 as I failed to realise how long a basketball match lasted and ended up in a position whereby my accumulator lost and my lays lost too. All lessons learnt though.

    Lastly but not least I have forgot about risk free £50 bets on bet365 horses on about 4 occasions in the last 3 months. That’s painful to realise an hour after the off you’ve missed it!

    A 2

    Last night I placed the prematch bets on the man Utd Chelsea game, with my £50 free bet still to use.. Having placed £50 on Man U, and about £60 on Chelsea I watched the first 15 mins and decided there was no way there’d be no goals, so I waited to place my draw bet (hoping the odds would rocket once someone scored, should of been a couple goals in the first 10!).. Ended up placing it in the last ten mins of the game when I realised I’d really stuffed up! Placed £130 @1.25 on the draw to try recouperate.. I now know for the future always stick to the plan..!!

    Starlord 1

    Best is when you get an unexpected BOG windfall. Yesterday, playing through my Netbet WR, I stuck a qualifier on Karmadal at 3.75 for £50. Thing went and won at 5/1. Nice £125 bonus in my account.

    sam 0

    +€250 from a horse race (not enough funds to lay the whole thing because my skrill account got restricted, waiting for verification).

    -€100 from laying the wrong match. At least I noticed in time to lay the second bet to not lose €200 in total. Since then I’m always double checking match-up & date. Some bookie’s searches are returning the later dates first.

    Also won a couple of bucks from tennis. Different rules regarding retirement resulted in a double win for me.

    beesty2016 3

    Had one of my best results on the Taylor v Klassen match the other night. betfair sportsbook got 11/1 on 4-3 klassen and laid it off at 12 on the exchange. Result came in and with the 180 in the last leg I received £198 of free bets which I have had the fun of getting through today!

    BillySwill 0

    Played through the Playros €100 sign up offer and forgot it was in Euro’s not pounds. Very lucky all my lay bets won as I had layed long odds, covering about €350 of back bets!

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