Best smarkets/betfair markets to lay

  • Hi all,

    Out of all the hundreds (maybe more) of smarkets/betfair sports markets does anyone know statistically which lay markets are most profitable and are likely to win most of the time? In my experience laying the football ‘correct score’ market usually wins but requires high liability. I don’t bother with this market because I know 1 in 20 ‘correct score’ markets will lose (which means I lose this bet) and the little profit I made from winnings from previous ‘correct score’ bets will be lost in this bet. This is just an example of my trials and I don’t bother with this now.

    I wondered if anyone has/knows any statistics on the most profitable sports lay bet markets? Surely all lay bets could be analysed and the highest winners could be revealed in their winning percentages?

    Any help on this is appreciated.

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