Bet365 4/1 Question

  • If you have placed 2 qualifying bets on different races both on the offer, what happens if you win on the 1st race and your risk free bet co-incides with the next bet you have already placed, does that cause an issue.

    e.g. Prior to racetime I place bets on the 13:30 and the 14:10 – My 13:10 bet wins and gives me the risk free bet, but I already have a stake on the 14:10 – Do I have to do anything with the original stake?

    Thanks in advance.

  • sam_69 5

    I am not certain but My experience is that your second bet will become risk free and so you do not need to do anything. If it too were to win as well you would then have another risk free bet which you would need to place.


    That’s my understanding too guys. Pretty sure your existing bet would become risk-free.

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