• Just got the no bonuses available email.
    “Following a review of your account, we regret to inform you that you are no longer eligible for offers and promotions, with the exception of the following regular Sports offers which remain open to all our customers; Channel 4/1 Offer, Feature Race 4/1 Offer, Sky Dogs 2/1 Offer, Australian Feature Meeting Offer; Best Odds Guaranteed, Racing Value offers, Aussie Footy Multi Bet Bonus, Bore Draw Money Back, Euro Soccer Bonus, Parlay Bonus, Euro Basketball Bonus and the Tennis Accumulator Bonus. You are not eligible for any offers or promotions in other bet365 products. For more information about our offers and full Terms and Conditions, please click here. ”

  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Cyber Hustler 0

    Unlucky mate. I’m dreading getting an email like that especially with the £50 risk free, in play offers that they do.

    How long have you been playing their specials and did you do any mug betting with them? (I’m not convinced the mug betting makes much of a difference)

    Chappers1888 1

    Cue mad rush as everyone checks their inbox.

    Tony S 7

    Phew… Nothing in my inbox except a mail from Jack Wills tellin me the missus’ gilet I bought her for Christmas won’t be delivered on time!… Thank god for that!… I mean… It could have been worse lol

    Ice Magic 3

    Ive stopped using bet365 apart from their £50 offer so this will probably happen to me in the future.
    Maybe next time i wont withdraw and profit and will mug bet it back to the exchange

    Guppyboy 0

    I’ve had an account since 2011 with B365. Only ever did the £50 in-play offers by depositing and withdrawing my money on the same day. Not a single mug punt yet my account alive and well to this day…go figure!

    Daniel 0

    Would a family member signing up with their own details and card have any problems doing the £50 offer if the billing and IP addresses are the same as my account which has been restricted from offers for a couple of months now?

    Parallels 0

    Pretty much been smashing the £50 in play. . . on the bright side i’ve just seen the 4/1 offer on channel 4 races with bet365 which could be a bigger regular earner once the bankroll has swelled!

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