Betbright PDC darts offer

  • Place £50 on outright winner get £5 free bet each match he wins, or £20 to get a £2 freebet. Offer closes 7pm 17th December.

  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Drogs 0

    Great spot! I tried to put 50 on the favourite though and they won’t accept my bet. Anyone else had this? Live chat agent told me to try again in the morning, something to do with updating the market.

    Strategy for this offer? Clearly there are ways to guarantee profit but I think I will take the £4ish loss on a standard back and lay and let it run. I don’t know anything about darts but Van Gerwen seems a dead cert to at least get far going by the odds.

    Ice Magic 3

    They wont accept my bet either.
    No point doing a strategy on this. Just accept the loss and hope he wins tons of games.

    78naD 2

    Glad to hear others have having problems placing bets, thought it was just me. Hope they sort it out pronto.

    Ice Magic 3

    I got it sorted. Must have been the app as I did it on the PC and it was fine
    £5.40 loss but should make more than that easy

    DashBet 0

    BetBright are a dud firm for enhancements and I have never had a bet accepted at an enhanced price. During Black Friday they made false price boosts, rejecting bets on the prices and claiming stuff like “2000 bets went in 30 seconds”, even though Sky Bet were accepting similar liabilities at the time and had their enhanced prices up for more than 20 minutes. If your account is in profit it’s unlikely that you’re going to get any advice from customer service other than: “try using a smaller stake” (and even then it’s probably not going to work). I’ve got a Paddy account £450 in profit and am still totally unlimited yet with BB I’ve had about 4 bets and I can’t get on any price boosts.


    Can’t see that much profit in this for the amount of work?

    £50 bet, plus £56 tied up to say – loss of £6.63.

    Max 5 free bets (6 rounds, but final doesnt count).

    Odds look quite short, bets are SNR, so lucky to cash out £3 from each – so thats a maximum of £15 from the bets if you make it to the final, less the £6.63 loss so just over £8 profit for having to place 6 bets and have £106 tied up until the end, plus the money to lay the free bets.

    Tony 12

    Tens to agree with you shane. If anyone really wants to tie up money on this event you’d be better taking advantage of Sky Bet’s enhanced odds on Van Gerwen to win and laying it off once he reaches the quarter/semis

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