Betting and Laying (especially in-play) from mobile devices

  • Hi all,
    So far I’ve been using my machine at home to work through the intro offers. That’s great because I can do it at my leisure, on the big screen. I can have oddsmonkey, Matt’s calculator, the bookie website and the exchange website all open and all accessible. It is, if not exactly simple, then at least manageable.

    I’m now keen to start trying to utilise of of the excellent in-play offers but am often not going to be at my desk at home in the 45 minute slot that the free bets are available.

    I’ve loaded what apps I can only my phone but how does everyone find trying to sort the more compex and time-critical bets whilst working with a small device? Any top-tips?

  • Tony 8

    I do this all from an iPhone, although I never look forward to those times when I know I need to get an in-play bet on via mobile 🙁

    I have the bookie app, betfair app and smarkets (in web browser as they don’t have an iOS app, grrr!) open at once and toggle between all 3. I also have a calculator app that offers under/over lay options etc… open as well.

    I am sure I will soon break the home button as it gets hammered with toggle double clicks constantly!

    I would imagine that others use multiple portable devices (iPads, tablets, etc…) to make things easier. Nowt worse than placing your free in-play bet and then failing to connect to the Smarkets servers to get your lay bet on, which happens all the time!

    Tony S 5

    Same as Tony… Use my iPhone for everything and now occasionally my kindle for SMarkets…. Fairly easy but I live in north wales now so I’ve been frustrated with lack of service when out and about trying to get 3G but on the whole I’ve had no problems ??

    Synergiser 0

    This is an area I think Android has a bit of an advantage over iOS in.

    My LG G4 comes with a split-window function, so I can have two apps open at a time perfect for having the bookie and exchange open simultaneously. Combine this with a floating browser, such as Hover browser or similar and you can have a matched betting calculator open at the same time too.

    If you’re on android but don’t have a dual window function built in, look at apps like split browser. Or you could probably manage with using three different windows of hover browser.

    For iOS the hovering bubble browsers won’t exist due to app limitations, may be worth checking if a split screen browser exists though? Though I feel this benefits from a larger screen so may struggle of on a smaller screen

    SurprisedLemur 0

    Thanks everyone. Tried it from my iPhone over the weekend. Not too bad.

    Coco Popo 0

    Is there a good iOS betting calculator?

    I tried a couple of free ones, but neither seemed any better than the web ones.

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