Bye Bye Boyle

  • Put my £40 bet on today to get my free £E29 and yup went to use my free 320 and it was restricted so it’s bye bye boyle. Not bad though as I was already banned so registered in my wifes name managed to get at least 5 promos before they banned her lol

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    Shaun46 1

    free £20 and went to use my free £20, what the hell I am suffering from word blindness lol

    Daniel 0

    Yep, same here. I haven’t received any message or email saying I’m restricted, it just wont let me use the free bet I’ve qualified for. Went on live chat an just got mumbo jumbo about transactional monitoring processes and unlikely to have the restriction lifted.

    Joke of a bookie, restricting accounts after participating in ONE promotion

    scottywire 0

    Same happened to me…..absolute joke they are…I’ve only been with the, for a week but never mind. They almost cost me £40 as I’d already placed my lay bet when it refused my free bet……but thanks to auguro’s late winner I ended up making an extra £15 profit….withdrawn my balance….good bye boylesports!

    pressurepoint 0

    It seems the Boyle is bursting for a lot of punters 🙂

    Had to do it.

    edavison1990 0

    I’d managed to get a good few weeks worth of offers out of them. Tried place a £40 bet yesterday for the free £20 inplay, and a message appeared something about automatic risk controls on my account. They did offer me a lower stake, 49p.

    Any experience of people opening second accounts (I know it’s against the rules….), however my boyfriend doesn’t have an account with them 😉

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