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Casino Bonus Withdrawal Problems

  • Would be really grateful to anyone who can explain if I am at fault here, and am happy to take this as a learning experience if I messed up.

    After completing a new account with Ladbrokes I received some free slot spins which lead to a few £ winnings. I decided to put this towards roulette for fun. After doing well I was offered a £50 bonus to use which I accepted (I understand now that this carried a wagering requirement). I withdrew some money but I am now not able to withdraw any more money EVEN up to the total balance I had before accepting the bonus.

    My initial balance from sports betting was £15.71.
    I played roulette until hitting £25.01.

    I then accepted the £50 bonus offer. After playing for a while I ended with £37.21. In the course of doing this the lowest point I reached was £16.51.

    I withdrew £20 cash at this point and his has been processed. When I logged back in in the evening however I had only 1p available, and £17.20 in restricted funds (subject to wagering).

    I can understand that I have to wager any funds made with bonus money – but why I am I not allowed to withdraw any of the stake I had BEFORE accepting the bonus? I also don’t understand how I was able to withdraw the £20 , and I am pretty sure that when I went to withdraw it, I was able to withdraw all £37.21.

    At the time I was under the impression that once my stake fell BELOW the £25.01 I had before accepting the bonus offer, I was then playing with my own funds (I believe a pop up told me “you are now playing with unrestricted funds”. And therefore any balance reached after that point would be mine to withdraw.

    I tried to get an explanation from Ladbrokes live chat but they weren’t able to go into any more detail that saying it was a wagering restriction and after a while they disconnected on me. I also asked them why I was able to withdraw £20 and they didn’t answer.

    I realise I could be getting this completely wrong – so just a clear explanation of all / any of this would be really appreciated.. hope you are all doing better than I am!

  • Sulzmania 0

    Further to the above, the terms and conditions read as follows :

    “How are bets placed when playing with a Gaming Bonus?

    Any applicable qualifying bet on a game will be taken from your Cash Balance.
    Once your Gaming Bonus is available (i.e. you satisfy the relevant conditions/criteria), all further bets will be taken from your Pending Winnings (if any).
    Where no Pending Winnings are available, bets on games will be taken from your Bonus Balance.

    How are my Winnings allocated?
    Any winnings received on bets using only your Cash Balance (i.e. a Qualifying Bet) will be credited to your Cash Balance.
    Any winnings received on bets using only your Pending Winnings wallet will be credited to your Pending Winnings wallet.
    Any winnings received on bets using only your Bonus Balance will be credited to your Pending Winnings wallet.”

    So very clear that after losing the full £50 bonus I reverted to my “cash balance” and should be able to withdraw my full balance. And impossible that I should be unable to withdraw the full amount I had before accepting the offer.

    But having no luck with support getting any answer other than “there is a wagering requirement on your funds”

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