Closing Bookmakers Account and GDPR

  • Following a spate of bookmakers closing promotions to me (Sky and Betfair most notably). Whilst contacting Sky they asked me what the reason was for asking for all data to be deleted and they mentioned the so I thought I needed to find a reason off that. So said I no longer gave them permission to process data about me and that since promos no longer available.

    Other bookies like Paddy said my details are held for 6 years because of GDPR and money laundering etc.

    Anyone know how it works really? Not going to create 2nd accounts as can’t be bothered but happy to wait.

  • Matt

    Hi @bettingbitz,

    It seems bookmakers are advised to retain customer data for a minimum of 5 years after the relationship has ended. This allows them to comply with regulations and provide the data to the Gambling Commission if requested.

    The following page should help clarify things for you.

    I hope that helps.

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