Defining rollover

  • Just want to clarify what rollover means. If I deposit £200 and a bookmaker gives me a £50 bonus and says I must rollover my deposit and bonus 5 times, does that mean that any winnings are definitely withdrawable once I have wagered £1250, or does it mean I need to re-wager everything I win each time [e.g. based on odds of 2.0 always, I need to bet £250, then if I win £500 I need to wager this, so I’ll need to win £8000 to complete rollover]. Clearly the latter would be worse and I want to clarify that it would always be the former.

  • Shaun46 1

    It will be £1250 in total. But secret is to lost it to your lay account as early as possible so you don’t bite into your bonus of £50 too much.

    chris 0

    Ok thanks that’s good. I’ll want to lose it into the exchange for sure but of course that isn’t guaranteed, otherwise I might as well not place my back bet but that would be gambling and although I would probably gain £200, I would risk losing a lot more!

    Shaun46 1

    don’t even consider not laying your back bet.

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