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    Espanyol v Levante: Espanyol to win and BTTS 7.0. I cannot find this exact market on Betfair for some reason but I can find “Espanyol to win to nil-NO”. Correct me if I’m wrong and don’t take my word for it but if I’m not missing something here, laying “Espanyol to win to nil-NO” should be the same thing as laying Espanyol to win and BTTS. The only way to lose the laying bet is if Espanyol wins and both teams score (since Espanyol cannot win without scoring obviously). What do you guys make of it?

    I dont think this is gonna work but i cant get my head around what would work. Anyone any ideas?

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    Thanks for creating this thread! Still no WDW/BTTS market on Betfair from what I can see..

    Pickle 58

    No probs. Was gonna post on the other thread but thought id get shouted at 😉

    greig A 1

    The match is on betfair but can only see match odds and over/under 2.5 goals. They don’t have match odds and btts!
    Guess it might get added later today??

    Tony 12

    The NO option is basically a bet on 2 things:
    1 – Espanyol NOT to win, AND
    2 – Espaynol NOT conceding a goal

    By laying this you are not betting on the opposite of the William Hill bet, so you cannot have all bases covered from a MB point of view.

    Similarly though, the YES option is basically a bet on:
    1 – Espanyol to win, AND
    2 – Espanyol WILL concede a goal

    By laying this point 1 opposes the William Hill bet, but point 2 does not, so again you are not covering all bases.

    Really you need to wait until the “Match odds & BTTS” market pops up (if it even does) before knowing whether there is any money to be made here.

    Only other option is to place 2 seperate lay bets, each opposing a single part of the William Hill back bet, but that is messy and probably not profitable enough to make it worth the headache!

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