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    – Derogatory comments aimed towards myself or the blog will be removed and access to the user’s account will be restricted.

    – Please do not attempt to promote or sell your own products/services. This includes posting affiliate links.

    – Please refrain from creating multiple forum accounts. Anyone found to be posting under multiple aliases will have access to their accounts restricted and potentially all areas of the site.

    We’ve got a great little community here which polices itself pretty well so we’ll continue with the self-moderation. If anyone believes another user is in breach of any of the rules above, please click the ‘REPORT’ button (this is anonymous) above the offending post. This will flag it up to me and I can take the necessary action.



    – If you are new to matched betting and have a question, please ensure that you have read my guides thoroughly and have used the search box on the right-hand side of the forum. If this doesn’t help you find an answer to your question, please post it in the ‘Newbies’ section of the forum.

    – Please do not create duplicate threads. If you are wanting to post a new offer in the ‘New Offers’ forum, please check that the offer or price boost hasn’t already been posted. If you are creating a new thread on any other forum, please use the search facility to ensure that the topic hasn’t already been discussed.

    – Please ensure that when creating a new thread, you place it in the correct forum.

    – Please be clear when selecting the title of a new thread.

    – Please do not abbreviate bookmaker names. I think people have been doing this because they cannot see the bookmaker’s name when they type it fully. When a bookmaker’s name is typed fully, the name is automatically replaced with a clickable link to the bookmaker’s site. If the links are not showing for you, it’s likely you have adblocker software installed that is causing this. Changing your adblocker settings should resolve the issue.

    – It’s your responsibility to check the terms of an offer before getting involved. Please don’t rely solely on the information provided by another user.

  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    roly24 11

    Well done Matt – good shout.

    oggi118 0

    Hi Matt,

    Been looking at your site for weeks, scrolling through the forums etc.

    Never once have i even glimpsed at your “FORUM RULES”

    However made my first post tonight in the newbies section.

    Then read your rules.

    Totally relevant everything you stated.

    Should of read them first.

    Cheers for the site and looking forward to making more money.


    sambuka 1

    Me gusta, sobre todo el respecto a lo demas

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