Fun88 cancelled winnings

  • Having not received my withdrawal into my bank made on the 17th March, I contacted Fun88 yesterday to receive this reply today:

    “Dear Customer,

    Following checks for bonus abuse and fraudulent activity, our Fraud Department has determined that your account is in breach of our Terms and Conditions, specifically clause 15.2 shown below:

    15.2 In the event that we suspect that you or any other Player is abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus or other promotion, or is likely to benefit through such abuse we may block, deny, suspend, withhold or cancel the account of any such Player, including Your Account if we determine that you are involved in such.

    Consequently, we have cancelled your winnings and will refund your deposit without any further delay.

    Once this is complete your account will be closed.

    Kind regards

    FUN 88 Team”

    I only opened my account on day 1 of the festival and placed 3 bets…of which one was a winning one.

    Anyone else had this problem?

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    I have just checked my statement – no sign of withdrawal having been processed. Just tried to log into my fun88 account: ‘Your account has been closed.’ this doesn’t look good

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    I’ve emailed them. I guess I will mention IBAS if I get a negative response from them? Anyone have experience of doing this?

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    Alot of people are in the same boat.

    hello1 0

    Its the same thing with 12bet and
    Total robbery, I have lost 450£ on this crapy bookmakers.
    But it has been a valueabal lesson(better be it was expensive), never too trust smal bettingsites, at least not without a simple google first….

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    Maby this is a much better idea than matched betting?. Scaming people, I cant think of any way to get some help in a case like this. If I was robbed on the street at least the Police could chase the robber. But what can stop these scamers?

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    Thanks for the post to that article. Got to feel for that guy, £2,600 !!

    Don’t think I’ll worry about that £63 I lost out on, having read about that.

    Live and learn I guess.

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    12bet have just sent me the following email:

    Dear Customer

    TGP Europe the operator of our UK brand, as you may well be aware, had huge issues triggered by their systems picking up a number of incidents including widespread ‘bonus abuse’ by customers opening multiple accounts and claiming bonuses.

    In our attempt to protect the integrity of the players, brand and business, many genuine, and now understandably aggrieved customers got caught up in the process as we attempted to deal with the problems.

    We sincerely apologise, both for this error and for the time taken to investigate and to correct the position, and your winnings have been paid in full.

    Your account has been reactivated and has had the prior adjustment reversed. Your funds are now available if you wish to commence the withdrawal process.

    Yours Sincerely,

    12bet on behalf of TGP Europe

    Here’s hoping Fun88 send me something similar…although I did lose it with them! Arghh

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