How come

  • I couldn’t pick a correct score if my life depended on it until I just discovered matched betting now I’m hardly getting any wrong. 3-2 Wolfsburg hasn’t helped my smarkets account balance at all!!!

  • Guppyboy 0

    My sympathies Pickle. When I was doing Paddy’s offers my free bets won three correct score bets in a row at high odds (9/10). Made me pretty queasy. It’s not just having the money flow in the wrong direction, but the fear of losing an account too.

    Kir 0

    I feel you bro…I hit Benfica-Atletico score on BetVictor at Odds of 10!!! If only I did not match it on Smarkets…then I would have probably lost the punt 😀

    Chappers1888 1

    Know the feeling. I had Bournemouth to beat Chelsea.

    James 0

    I picked several winners in November at odds from 3.0 up to 13.0 including correct scores and winning horses… then I’ve started the month with Bournemouth and Stoke wins. My smarkets balance has taken a right pasting.

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