How to Lay BTTS & over x goals

  • I’ve seen a few of these enhanced but I cannot see how to lay to check if there is any value, e.g. Both teams to score and over 2.5 goals in Gijon game tonight.

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    MarkCorrigan 6

    A little more complicated than usual, but definitely possible.

    For the WH offer on Gijon vs. Getafe, they’re offering 3.25 on BTTS and over 2.5 goals. We therefore care about three scenarios: both teams do not score, both teams score (not 1-1), and it is 1-1.

    You can lay both teams to score at 1.97. You can back correct score 1-1 at 7.2. You can do something like this… Bet the max £30.00 on the offer on WH, lay £50.00 on both teams to score, and bet £13.50 on correct score 1-1. Assume 5% commission.

    If both teams don’t score we get: -30 + 50*0.95 – 13.50 = £4.00.
    If both teams score and it’s not 1-1 we get: 67.50 – 50*(1.97-1) – 13.50 = £5.50.
    If it’s 1-1: -30 – 50*(1.97-1) + (7.2-1)*13.50*0.95 = £1.02.

    aNtis0ciaL 9

    Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated.

    Mark 1

    Literally just finished doing this myself and came to post the offer!

    I did the full £30 on the offer at Hills

    Backed 1-1 with £13.50 on betvictor at 7

    Backed both teams to score NO at marathon with £50 at 1.91

    If it’s 1-1 I win £10, if both teams don’t score I win 50p and if the offer comes off and I win £2.50.

    More just to make the game more interesting than I actually think it will be 1-1 but fingers crossed!

    roly24 10

    So a nominal return for all that effort – unless it’s a 1-1 game. I will just pass.

    MarkCorrigan 6

    £5er for a non 1-1 score isn’t bad! 😉

    Tony 11

    Profit’s profit. You will find plenty of £3-£5 contributions in Matt’s profit log.

    I used to think this way too (i.e. too much chew for £3!) but every little helps and all that.

    It’s not as though there are loads of offers to be getting in just now anyway 😉

    78naD 2

    Agree with the 2 lads, and also there are 2 mug bets in this which is a great thing too.

    Mark 1

    £2.50 for me, I enjoyed working it out and looking for the best prices because I’m a geek and I enjoyed the game a bit more because I was rooting for the 1-1.

    In this case I threw my 2.50 profit on 1-2 correct score after the 3rd goal went in and walked out of the deal with just over a fiver profit. This is something I often do once I know a particular bet has come off and the game is still in play. Some would call it gambling, but with small stakes I’m happy to create a bit of extra interest.

    I didn’t use the exchanges on this bet and so got a few mug bets in along the way on what was otherwise a quiet night betting wise.

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