Increase/lengthen back odds.

  • Hi all.

    Newbie here and my first Q on higher back odds than lay odds.

    Am doing this manually on some sites, horse racing, when placing a regular back bet. And with under/overlay too.

    But is this a good long-term strategy? I can be gubbed easily? Is best to use just under/overlay for a (smaller) profit?

  • Sinstar20k 3

    Generally over a long term not laying bets or underlaying will usually offer better value (especially if you usually pay commission at an exchange). So long as you only take the offers which are +ev and which you would make money by laying normally as well you will basically guaranteed make a profit in a long term strategy by doing this. However it’s not a huge gain and you will have much more variance doing this, so with a small bankroll or low time investment it’s not recommended.

    VDCX 1

    Still learning the benefits of odds increase. Beginners luck so far.
    Also recently had some ridiculous luck on backbets.

    Odds of 22.1 on a midpack horse by 1 length and it won, £190. But the laybet only give me £9.

    But if had won by 2 lengths, then I lose £190.

    Must to ask, for the laybet my horse winning by 2 lengths is same as it not winning the race?

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