• Evening,

    I’ve been tempted to try matched betting for a while and have finally taken the plunge. I’m not eligable for a lot of the new customer offers as I’ve got a few betting accounts already. But I managed to get a couple to start me off, 888 and boylesports.

    I went for the Newcastle and Everton matches this evening. Both with lay bets with betfair giving me roughly 70p loses on each, but £50 in free bets and a tenner for casino. Hoping all this works out 🤞

    If anyone has any tips for a newbie, I’ll be very grateful 🍻 especially with lay bets and ensuring liquidity??? I’m not 100% sure on what this is.

    Thanks in advance 😁

  • Woody2280 0

    Just a quick update, I made my first mistake 😔

    Although my casino balance went up by a tenner… the money I spent in the casino came off my full balance. Any Bonus funds in there don’t get touched until your available balance hits zero. So I wasted a tenner of my winnings in the casino, but lesson learnt. So far I’m roughly 50 quid up 👍


    Thanks for the heads up on that @woody2280. I’ve added a warning to my 888sport sign up offer guide.

    If you haven’t already, take a look at my Matched Betting Academy for a walkthrough of all the available sign up offers.

    You’ll also find some handy tips on my ‘Matt’s Top Tips for Matched Betting Newbies‘ page.

    I hope that helps.

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