Ladbrokes Fanzone Fan Price

  • Most people will be aware of Ladbrokes’ Fanzone, whereby you select a football team to support and then receive regular odds boosts and other offers (Fan Prices) when that team is playing. A couple of points to note about this:

    1. It seems that you’re not limited to one team! I have Arsenal as my team, but last week someone sent me a link that allowed me to bet on the Liverpool Fan Price (Salah to have one or more SOT boosted from 1.3 to 2.0) too. I can’t recall how I did it now, but it occurs to me there must be dozens of other opportunities if you can get the equivalent links to them. Anyone have any more information on this?

    2. Apparently (and I’m going to try it later) you can use the Fan Price more than once, if you leave it a few hours between bets. Normally there’s a stake limit of £5 but this could be a way around that.

    I’m conscious both the above (even if they work) may create a gubbing risk, but I’d be tempted to give it a go as I don’t use Ladbrokes for much else apart from the Daily Spinner.

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    Thanks for sharing, Neil.

    It’s worth getting involved as some of the ‘Fan Prices’ give a nice fixed profit! There’s the potential for in-play offers, too.

    I think both of your suggestions above are worth considering. As you say, placing extra bets may draw unwanted attention to your account, so it just depends on how much you value your Ladbrokes account. They haven’t been one to run many promotions of late, but that could change at some point in the future.

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