Match betting away from home.

  • I’ve been thinkin and suppose you’re away from home but still have access to the Internet and see a matched betting opportunity, of you take advantage of the offer from the Internet you’re connected to, would it affect your ability to take part in offers in your usual place, At home with the Internet you’ve been using already?

    I figure if you do an offer from one IP address while out or away or whatever, return home and do another as usual, that your account may be flagged or you may end up only being able to do offers from one ip address then or is it fine to log In to your account fron multiple places amd still match bet?

  • Mark P 1

    It’s fine imo, IP addresses are generally dynamic anyway and will change over time. I work abroad quite a bit and I logon to my PC remotely to do any bets as I would imagine it looks dodgy if I connect from overseas.

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