Mullins & Walsh Enhanced Punchestown Double

  • 1:55 (Thomas Hobson) and 2:25 (Min) enhanced double from 2.38 to 3.5 (max £10), here’s what I’m doing:

    Lay TH at 2.32 for £8.80 (accepting ~£1.50 loss if the double goes down)
    …hope it wins
    Profit if Min wins now stands at £13.33

    Lock in profit on Min laying 16.91 at 1.4 = £6.57 profit either way

    So basically we’re getting just a touch over 3/1 about a 13/10 shot in Thomas Hobson presuming you completely equalize on Min afterwards.

  • DashBet 0

    Jack Hobson wins – nice profit now locked in!

    Tony S 6

    This is exactly what I’ve been doing mate… Not on this one as I’ve got my eggs on another horse I’ve gotten a bit of info on… But spot on strategy

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