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  • hi,

    hope someone can help. I found this blog a week ago after nearly signing up to a subscription matched betting site. thankfully I didn’t and have already made £70+. thanks for the blog.

    anyway, I have already signed up to many bookies and want to take advantage of the new customer offers. how can this be done? I was thinking of asking my girlfriend to open a bank account in her name for me to use. she has a different address to me so can I use her details to open accounts and my laptop at mine or hers to place bets? she has agreed to this by the way.

    any help greatly appreciated


  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Mark 1

    Here’s a few tips to get you started.

    There’s an abundance of sign up bonuses, reload bonuses and other ongoing offers for existing customers to keep you busy in the short term. So I think you might be getting ahead of yourself wanting to open duplicate accounts in your other half’s name.

    If your death set on doing that don’t take the mick, don’t do all bets the same at the same time on the same computer or phone ad they will find out and ban you or restrict your account. They can see where your logged in from I. E. Your device IP address, etc. If you use different devices but the same wifi you’ll get spotted.

    I think you’d be much better off doing all you can in your own name before getting in on the action on your misuses behalf.

    bluemoon101 0

    thanks for your reply, I will take your advice and use my accounts to start with and if I do open another account I will place different separate bets.

    thanks again

    mike j 11

    Hey, just wanted to add my info. I havnt got round to duplicate accounts yet, am unsure whether to do it now or as a back up if i get banned. You will need a few pieces of software (all free from internet). VPN; this will change your ip address so that the bookies dont know your on the same wifi as your other account, software to change your mac address, this shows the bookies that the accounts are coming from a different laptop/computer. The address wont be an issue as stated in the OP. If you get caught out though, you will loose both accounts with each bookie. Is it worth it? Let us know how you get on.

    mr_chippy 0

    so the address wont be a issue?

    i can change the ip no problem but when i make a deposit my bro will use his card but its registered at the same address as mine (family house)

    Dave_Jones 7

    most bookies only allow one account per household so you would not be able to open another account from the same family house.

    beh 7

    Have you the read the original post mr_chippy? That guy DOES have a different address to use (and the rest).

    GasPanic 0

    I have signed up to most bookies under a false identity and edited name and address in my ID card photos accordingly in MS Paint. For depositing and withdrawing I use Skrill with a different email address than my original account (you can attach multiple emails to your Skrill account)

    Alex1 0

    GasPanic, Please tell me that you are joking. If not, then that is quite simply FRAUD my friend. If the bookies find out and report you, you WILL go to prison.

    beh 7

    Agreed, quite surprised to see it suggested. Needs a massive YMMV disclaimer.

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