My matched betting story and what next…

  • I have been match betting for the past 18 months and I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this little community. I will start by briefly explaining my history in matched betting.

    Like most people I started off signing up to all the bookies in my own name and made a quick £1k bagging all the sign up offers. I then did exactly the same in my girlfriends name. So after approximately a month of signing up to every site in both our names I had made around £2k in tax free liquid cash, just sitting at home moving money around the internet.

    Hungry for more of this free money I decided to move on to friends. I have a large network of friends who I have done this with, I gave them a good share of the profits, positive word of mouth spread with what I was doing to earn people free money, people were lining up to get a piece of the pie. I don’t wish to go into any more detail than that but that’s what I have been doing for the past 18 months and it has been very lucrative for me.

    Unfortunately my list of friends has pretty much come to an end and so has the gravy train… Or so I thought, until I saw people on this site were making 5k a year out of the existing customer bonuses on one account.

    I don’t really pay much attention to any of these offers other than the Bet365 free in-play ones. I currently have quite a few Bet365 accounts which I’m trying to keep alive by keeping a few hundred in (not withdrawing) and ‘mug betting’ on the football over the weekends. As I’m sure most people here are aware, unrestricted Bet365 accounts is worth at lot of money over the cause of a year (especially when I have quite a few).

    So having spent that last hour or so reading the forums I can gather there’s some reasonable money to be made with the existing customer offers. What I would like to know, is what are the best sites for existing customer offers, I’m guessing its mainly horses? any advice on what I should given I have access to multiple accounts for every bookie.

  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    78naD 2

    Will Hill, Sky, Boyles, Ladbrokes, Betfair Sportsbook are all good. NetBet too and Betway.

    You must be using a lot of VPNs mate? The Books keep a watch on where you’re logging in from.

    MatchBetter55 1

    Obviously different to what you have done but I’m sure it could be looked as identity fraud if you are using accounts of other people. It definitely goes against T&Cs of the bookies though.

    BenSmith87 0

    I have tried using a few different VPN’s but they seemed to attract more negative attention than with out, so I stopped. I had about 10 Bet365 accounts restricted from promo’s this year but that’s simply because I was only using them for the free inplay bets and withdrawing after each one. I use loads of old iphones/ ipads for the bet365 accounts that I have currently and by not withdrawing and mixing in lots of mainstream bets, hopefully they will last a while.

    I think people read to much into the way sites are monitoring accounts, there’s a certain amount of luck involved I believe. Accounts will be flagged from time to time and sometimes the person reviewing accounts will be more savage than on other days.

    BenSmith87 0

    Ye thats completely different, I havent stollen anyones identity. I have just shown friends how to profit by creating accounts in their name and we share the profits.

    Secondly this guy was hacking into the sites. So no wonder he got put in prison lol

    And finally anyone who match bets is breaking site T&C’s

    Ben 1

    Interesting story, mate. I’m about to setup a similar network and have some questions for you:

    Most of the bookies state in their T&Cs that bonus offers can’t be claimed more than once per Household/IP-Address/Person and funds are seized in case you break this rule. I would imagine that most of them run programs to catch people with several accounts and easily flag accounts which use the same IP. So I would assume you don’t use your cellphones and tablets with Wifi, right? Why don’t you set things up to be solid and avoid the risk to get caught entirely by using different cellphones per person? I would setup their own Neteller accounts, too.

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