Need help with matched betting problem pls

  • Hi all,

    I’ve noticed football odds boosts (example) below:

    “Senegal to win and both teams to score” – bet odds are 5.00 (maximum bet amount = 25 EUR)

    5.00 odds X 25 EUR stake = 125 EUR (total winnings)

    The trouble is i can’t see any lay bets for this odds boost bet because there are 2 bets in one:

    1. Senegal to win
    2. Both teams to score

    Does anyone know any match betting calculators that can crunch the data above and help me lock in a guaranteed profit pls? Both bets 1. and 2. above can be individually layed but I need help to lay them separately/combined in case the odds boost bet loses.


  • Tony G 8

    On smarkets they have a ‘Winner and both teams to score’ market which covers the bet type you are highlighting.

    bettor4life 0

    Hi Tony,

    On smarkets I’ve seen the market ‘Winner and both teams to score’. This is ideal however in my real world example:

    Senegal to win and both teams to score” – the actual real odds boost was paying 8.00 odds and the smarkets lay market ‘Winner and both teams to score’ was paying 9.00 lay odds therefore even with the odds boost the lay odds were still higher and I couldn’t turn a profit.

    When I looked for lower alternative lay odds to remedy this situation I saw on smarkets:

    1. Senegal to win = smarkets lay odds = 2.50
    2. Both teams to score = smarkets lay odds = 3.50

    If I could lay bets 1. and 2. above separately at the lower lay odds (2.50 and 3.50 instead of 9.00) I wondered if I could turn a profit and hedge my odds boost bet in case it lost.

    Tony G 8

    For winner and both teams to score boosts you have to lay the exact same bet, you can’t lay it separately.

    Some bookie boosts aren’t really boosts at all as they are still below the real odds of it happening.

    However if you want to lay an enhanced price/price boost it’s best to check the exchange prices close to kick off as that’s when there is the most liquidity and the back odds and lay odds are close to each other.

    You’ll get the hang of it after some experience. It’s all fairly easy once you have successfully placed bets to lock in profit a few times.

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