NetBet advent calendar – 100% match bonus

  • NetBet advent calendar – 100% match bonus up to £100, 6 times rollover at 1.6 or greater. Click on the advent calendar to reveal the bonus code.

  • Synergiser 0

    Think the percentage must depend on the person, I only got a 25% bonus offered

    Lightbet 0

    Same here I got 25% matched bonus

    Gman 4

    I got the 100% however it is worth mentioning that the rollover is 6 times deposit and bonus, so £1200 total. Obviously hope the lay bet wins and the profit goes to the exchange. If not then can take a while to complete the wagering.

    ss1412 0

    I’ve been given the 100% up to £100 bonus for today.

    Ice Magic 2

    I only got 25% 🙁

    I’m waiting for 50 or 100% and I will put the maximum in


    How long do netbet take to authorise withdrawals. Had a tenner from the calendar which won and wasn’t showing any rollover so set the withdrawal of winnings off.

    aNtis0ciaL 8

    3-4 days mine took.

    Coco Popo 0

    I just got 75%, up to £100

    Do you need to deposit on the day you open the advent door?

    And then I presume you want you balance to be zero before starting a new bonus, so it’s best to withdrawal / lose everything first?

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