NetBet multiple bonuses

  • Hi,

    Currently working through some WR on NetBet with about £400 left to stake. If I do the 100% deposit match from the advent calendar will the WRs combine so I then have a £1600 WR before I can make any withdrawal?
    Also, if I clear my balance to £0 and then make a new deposit, does the old WR still apply?
    Finally, does anyone know how long I can wait to activate the advent calendar bonus?


  • shaneMB

    The WR don’t combine, you would have a WR of £400 + a separate WR of £1200.

    If you bust out, the WR is wiped, so when you deposit it is reset.

    Coco Popo 0

    But you only complete a single WR for a bonus at one time.
    You start the next WR once the bets have been settled for the first bonus WR.

    If your balance is zero and you have no outstanding bets then they will all be cleared, however if you have a bet than then wins you could still have multiple WR outstanding.

    I’ve finally cleared mine back to zero, ready for a 75% reload bonus.

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