Not wanting to dampen the party…

  • But how difficult does anyone think it would be for a bookmaker to infiltrate a forum like this and post about an offer and then see how many take up the bait?… I’ve just seen a PP Messenger offer posted in which you have to send them a message separate from advertised on site offers… I’m personally not taking it up as it’s basically waving a flag saying I’m a matched bettor… Now whether I’m right or wrong is open to debate and I’m not by any stretch saying this is happening but I can’t be the only one who’s had this thought?


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    Cyber Hustler 0

    Stop trying to dampen the party 😉

    It would be very easy for a bookie to infiltrate. I didnt give it a thought though. …. I had the messenger downloaded sent the message and placed the bet before I’d wiped the sleep from my eyes.

    Gotta be honest though, you got me worrying……. a little
    squeeky bum time

    Tony S 7

    Haha I’m not sayin it’s dodgy… It’s probably 100% legit… I’m just starting to get a bit wary of putting my eggs in too many baskets!… We’d be naive to think the bookies don’t monitor or even join sites like this!… I’ve always taken the view that bookmakers actually don’t mind matched betting as it effectively moves the money from the exchanges into their pockets at a rate that most people probably wouldn’t bet… We’re the middle men… The bookies can’t bet at the exchanges themselves so they have us to do it for them… And I’m sure a lot of you like me wouldn’t normally be placing £25 bets 3 or 4 times a day on their sites but because we’ve removed this element of risk we’re willing to… Whether it’s from our pockets or the exchanges pockets the bookies are still making their money!… That said I’m ever the sceptic when it comes to some offers lol!

    BS 0

    Their messenger offer has been on the go for a good 18 months, so shouldn’t be no issues!

    kjillman 1

    Come on , don’t be a damp Squib. I’m restricted for all free bets on paddy but still took up this offer as it was enhanced. Must admit it’s a great offer Arsenal @ 4.0 at home to Sunderland! Oh wife has just done the same!

    Tony S 7

    Ok… I’ll admit it… As a Sunderland fan I’m furious about this!!

    Screw you guys lol ?

    Pickle 58

    As long as the smarkets bet wins we’ll all be happy then Tony 😉

    STC 4

    Yeah, I wasnt planning on doing any betting at paddy power today (hadnt seen any matched bets). I’ve taken up the messenger bet so will make £20 and then will try and “lose”(transfer) cash from paddy power to exchanges later to make it look like this bet “encouraged” me to gamble today (probably cost me £2-3 but worth it considering I made an easy £20 already.

    Keep them happy by ‘giving’ them some cash 🙂

    El chico 1

    Agreed Tony …I’m leaving this. I have absolutely smashed Paddy recently as all my wins kept coming with them, so I’m not wanting to look like a pisstaker.

    roro1990 0

    IMO it’s mostly just luck whether or not someone gets gubbed. Once you don’t hit absolutely every offer available you should be fine. I think the majority of people who get gubbed are those trying to get the horse refunds every time they are offered.

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