Novibet ceased trading. Anyone else struggling to withdraw their funds?

  • I’ve been getting the runaround.
    Can no longer w/d via bank card, so the options are bank transfer or trustly. Used the former, which seemed to go through but nothing happened. when I contacted them via chat, various times, have been told various things eg. bank statement required, can only be done through trustly (I don’t know how; if it is really possible w/o an account; if it’s safe; if it costs a fee..)

    I’ve had the runaround before, from william Hill, but it worries me that funds can not be withdrawn after july because the company has ceased trading. Is the company still subject to IBAN rules?

    It would be great if there was a section, MATT, with advice on what to do when the company is obstructing you from withdrawing. what to do to bring the protection of the regulator to bear.

    (It doesn’t help that it is a largish sum of money. And yes i know the lesson is that you need to make withdrawals regularly and not let it build up.)

  • Matt

    Hi @hedgepig,

    Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty getting your funds back.

    Have you provided the bank statements that they’ve requested? I’m not overly familiar with Trustly, though I know Smarkets accept Trustly as a deposit/withdrawal method. I could be wrong but I don’t think there are any fees involved.

    With regards to the Novibet withdrawal process, it seems you have until 23rd May 2022 to withdraw funds from your account in the normal way. After that, accounts will be closed permanently. You would then have until 21st February 2023 to contact their Customer Services team to ask for a return of your funds via an alternative method.

    After 21st February 2023, any remaining funds will be donated to GambleAware.

    If you’re not getting anywhere with Novibet directly, you can still raise a complaint through the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

    I hope that helps.

    hedgepig 0

    Thanks for replying, Matt.
    I did manage to get my funds out, thanks. I made clear that I was keeping a record of all chat/emails and mentioned in passing that I was prepared to go to IBAS. (Though I don’t know how useful this will be now they presumably no longer have a UK license, especially if the process is lengthy.)

    I still don’t know about trustly. Anyway, it seems the intention was just to kick the can down the road. The payout via Bank Transfer cost me £6. It would have been fairer if they had notified us BEFORE they ceased trading so we could withdraw they way we deposited, by card.

    I’d advise anyone to get funds out before 23rd may as who knows how easy to will be to contact customer services after that.

    It might be good if their was a general thread (for all the bookies) about using IBAS effectively and withdrawing if the bookie is obstructive. (I’ve previously had problems with WmHill.) Thanks again.


    Hi @hedgepig,

    I’m pleased to hear you’ve successfully withdrawn your funds.

    Yes, I can see the benefit of such a thread, or even a blog post article with the regular comments section. I’ll consider adding that at some point.


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