Phew thought I lost my MH account then

  • Tried putting £20 on Arsenal for tonight to get the £10 in play and it kept changing my stake to £0.03 I thought here we go I have lost my account. So picked up the phone and spoke to their customer service who were going nope no issues on your account and lo and behold i could all of a sudden place £20 on Arsenal.

    I think this is the beginning of the end for this account by the looks but it could just be a glitch *dunno* but it was scary time I can tell you as I like this old account of mine.

  • Shaun46 1

    I meant my William Hill account WH not MH lol confused as it was touch and go there for a moment.

    Dockie 2

    Losing William Hill, Bet365 and SkyBet=Game Over.
    Same was happening to a few others at the weekend including me. Deleted cookies, etc and problem sorted.

    Ruger 0

    It happened to me twice yesterday, it kept changing my stake to £0.03 also. I refreshed the page a few times and managed to place my bet. It must of been a problem with their site.

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