Playros Welcome Bonus

  • Has anyone done this? If so what tactics did you use? The odds seem to be very poor but it is a good offer if I can lose the money to exchange quickly – aren’t they all!

  • shaneMB

    The bonus looks awful to me. Will be one of the last I touch, if at all.

    £72 bonus on a £72 deposit, total wager requirements are £2160.

    Max bet is £36 to count towards the wager requirements, meaning at least 60 DIFFERENT bets AND within 60 days if you are unlucky enough to have to wager through the lot.

    Odds look “OK”, but as a quick look, you will be looking to lose £1-2 (say £1.50 for ease) per £36 bet. After the 60 bets you will have lost £90, leaving you £18 down after having wagered the full amount.

    Not to mention having a lot of cash in a bookie that looks quite amateurish and has only been going for just shy of 2 years.

    Lightbet 0

    Thank you Shane – I think you have got it right on – Will try another one. Maybe TonyBet is this one you have done?

    Lightbet 0

    Ah well TonyBet don’t accept players from Ireland – so that one is not a runner!

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