Price boost

  • Paddy power,
    liverpool enhanced to 3.0

  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Tony 11

    No max either, it would seem 🙂

    skizbiz 0

    What is the best way to take advantage of enhanced odds offers?

    Sorry just recently started matched betting and confused on this one ^^

    Tony 11

    Actually, £20.67 max for me so just gone £20

    aNtis0ciaL 9

    Thanks – same max here

    toonjangles 0

    You can use the calculator to tell you the ideal lay bet to maximise returns. In this case bet £20 at 3.0 and lay £22.39 to guarantee maximum profit (£1.94 in this case).

    Or you can ‘skew’ the bet towards the outcome you expect i.e. underlay Liverpool if you expect them to win – a lay of £20.5 would give a profit of £5.15 if liverpool win and a profit of 9p if they don’t.

    I usually try to skew bets against my preferred outcome i.e. I want to win into the exchange so underlaying means I make more profit if the bookie wins to compensate for any additional hassle.

    David 0

    @Skizbiz If you back Liverpool to win on Paddy Power then lay off the rest with Smarkets/Betdaq/Betfair whichever you prefer (Smarkets has lowest commission).

    So you’ll back @ 3.0x£20 giving you £40 profit
    Then your going to lay current price on Smarkets is 2.7 with £20 for a liability of £34

    So if Liverpool win you get £40 in Paddy Power but lose £34 on Smarkets so £6 profit.
    If Liverpool don’t win you’ll lose £20 with Paddy Power but gain £20 with Smarkets equalling £0 (now technically you’ll lose 40p because of the Smarkets commission and you can adjust the amount you lay if you want to ensure you don’t lose 40p.

    Alternatively if you want to guarentee profit you could lay a little more on Smarkets and gain a little less if Liverpool do win. E.g laying £22 will look like this:

    If Liverpool win: Gain £40 from Paddy but lose £37.40 on Smarkets netting you £2.60.
    If Liverpool don’t win: Lose £20 from Paddy but gain £22 from Smarkets netting you £2.

    I haven’t applied commission to keep it slightly easier but if you were to apply just times your lay amount by 0.02 and subtract from your overall profit.

    Hope that helps, it’s not a huge gain and it may be worth waiting till a little closer to kick off as you may find that Liverpool’s price drops and therefore our profit margin grows.

    Also if I’m missing something or people can think of a better way please enlighten me! 🙂

    skizbiz 0

    Thanks mate, very informative post. I understand now

    RyanB 11

    Went for the guaranteed profit of £3.15, cheers for the post Mike!

    mike j 10

    No probs Ryan. It’s what we’re all here for

    Tony S 6

    I didn’t lay this off… £20 @ 2/1 Liverpool

    Draw @ 9/4 for £18.50 with Hills

    Stoke @ 23/10 For £18.00

    Guaranteed £4ish… Usually underlay but am out and about tonight and I suppose the mug bet won’t hurt too much ??

    Shaun46 1

    I just underlaid on Smarkets at 2.56 £20.41 to gain profit if Liverpool wins £8 odd if they don’t i won’t lose a penny well that’s what my calc’s say 🙂

    dangerzone14 12

    underlaid for 7.16 profit happy days

    Robbo 0

    Underlaid for £10 profit. Cheers guys!

    Loving the forum!

    Shaun46 1

    £8.16 profit now these are the bets we just love to do and win.

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