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  • Hi there,
    I’m going to use the PP €30 free bets, the odds are 8.00 with PP and 9.00 with Smarkets.

    However in Smarkets it give you the option to drop this 9.00 down to lower odds, if I drop this down to 2.00 and then input this into the calculator it gives me a profit of 103.94 compared to 22.92 with the odds of 9.00.

    This does require a higher lay bet placed with Smarkets however I’m unsure if this would work or not to be honest, was looking for a second opinion to clarify if what I’m thinking of would work or not?


  • elis 0

    How Smarkets, and all betting exchanges, work is that you are betting against other people. You have the option to lay any odd you like, but if no one bets against you your bet wont be “matched”. Smarkets will always show you the lowest lay with money to bet against, the number under the odd is how much is available to bet against.

    bobjoechicken 0

    Ahh ok I get you now, obviously no one is going to bet against my low odds if there is higher odds for them to bet against. Cheers for the quick reply!

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