Question about bonus offers with a maximum conversion

  • Hi folks!

    Do most matched bettors avoid these types of sports bonus offers below:

    Example = “The maximum amount of real funds received after wagering the betting bonus is €100”

    i.e. Say you rollover a sports bonus and you end up with €250 in your gaming account, due to the term above, your gaming account will end up (maximum withdrawal) being €100 and you lose €150 (€250 – €150 (forfeited) = €100 (maximum withdrawal))

    Is there any matched betting strategy to handle these types of offers or is it best to avoid them altogether pls?


  • Matt

    Offers like that are only worth doing from an advantage gambling viewpoint (i.e. not laying).

    From a matched betting perspective, I would always leave any offers that have a low maximum conversion as it’s easy to lose money if your bookmaker bets keep winning.

    I hope that helps.

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