Question about low-winning exchange odds

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know if there’s any exchange sports markets (at Smarkets/BetFair etc) where there are (always) multiple options to choose low-winning back/lay odds (i.e. 1.01 to 1.30 odds range) for a player/team to win? Most bets I see are normally “extremes” (Tennis game heavy favourite: 1.30 odds to win / 2.50 odds for opponent to win) or close to evens (Tennis player odds to win: 1.75 / 2.10 odds for opponent to win).

    I wondered if there were any sports markets where there were multiple-betting options to choose from in the odds range of 1.01 to 1.30 rather than the typical “high/low” odds or the “close to evens” odds I explained above?

    At the exchange I can lay my bet at any lay odds but if they don’t get matched I’ll lose money because the lay odds will be too high and there’ll be no point etc

  • mike j 6

    Your best bet will be in-play games, like when the fave goes 2-0 up or tennis when fave is up by a set etc. You will rarely find it pre-match.

    Another option to explore would be bet angel, can’t remember how much it costs, maybe £15-£20/month. On the software you can place trigger bets e.g. when the last matched odds where say 1.01 it will auto place a bet for you, takes a few hours to learn how to do it but something to think about

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