Red card refund

  • Just seen Boyle sport are running a red card refund offer tomorrow night on the Southampton Liverpool game.
    Free bet up to £25 if your first/last/anytime goal scorer selection loses and there is a red card
    Is there anyway to extract anything from this or is it a bit of a dud
    Cheers guys

  • 78naD 2

    I do most of Boyles’ offers like this and hit about 30/40% of them.

    Mark 1

    Best thing to do is if you can find an exact match or one where you’ll lose less than a £1 or so put it on and hope someone gets sent off?

    I’ve toyed with similar offers in the past and the idea of placing a bet for say £20 (the amount I can cash the free bet in for) on no player to be sent off. This would return a small profit of about £5 if no player is sent off, but if someone is sent off the bet would lose, but my free bet would cover the loss.

    So if a player is sent off I’d be even and if no red card was shown I would be around £5 in profit. The likely hood of someone being sent off is clearly less than everyone staying on the field so I’m generally happy with this.

    I think if you were to do this offer regularly it would even out in the long run.

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