Returning to Matched Betting after 6 years – Starting new accounts + Sign ups

  • Hi all!

    Around 5-6 years ago I made around £2,000 profit in a year from casually doing matched betting on the side.

    I had unfortunately been gubbed by a few of the bookmakers. It was the reason why I stopped back in 2016 ish.

    I’m looking to get back into matched betting, open some new accounts, and do some of the sign-up offers again for a bit of extra cash to start the year.

    Recently I have moved house, my bank card has changed to the new address, i have a different email that I can access, I’ve got a new phone, laptop, and IP address. My phone number, as well as some other personal details that I may be overlooking, however, remain the same.

    I vaguely remember some people back in 2016 ish talking about how they’d done the sign-ups multiple times successfully, but I never knew how.

    In everyone’s experience, would someone in my position be likely to be successful in creating new bookmaker accounts, doing the new sign-up bonuses? If so, how would I do this to avoid flagging the bookmakers?

    Thanks so much for your help.


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