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  • Hi all,
    I’ve been doing this about a month now and doing ok. One question I have though – I totally get that betting round amounts at the bookies is the right thing to do so as not to draw attention to your activity … but what about at the exchange? The optimum lay stake is invariably an unusual amount. Does it not matter because it’s at a betting exchange rather than an actually a bookie or should we be rounding those lay bets too?

    Possible follow-up question – if we SHOULD be rounding at Betfair/Smarkets, how can we calculate the effect it has on the profit?

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    Tony 12

    I have never rounded off a lay stake at the exchange – unless I am mistaken, nobody has ever been banned/restricted from Betfair or Smarkets for laying weird amounts?

    I guess you could make an argument that those bookies who have a relationship with an exchange (i.e. Paddy and Betfair) could mine some data to seek out match betters, but honestly, I just don’t see that it is worth their time. As discussed on another thread on here, most people probably lose money over time to the bookies and win it in their exchanges, so I don’t see why either party would care?

    Cyber Hustler 0

    I agree with Tony and also consider that when you win at the exchange you are winning money from another punter not from the exchange. The exchange will get their 5% from the winning punter regardless of the outcome.

    SurprisedLemur 0

    Great, thanks for clarifying.

    beh 7

    Would also agree, paddy/betfair will profit either way so why would they care?

    It’d be interesting to have a faq or myth busting thread perhaps, a lot of superstitious behaviour trying to avoid getting banned when nobody knows for sure.

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