• Hi there

    I’ve been seeing some of you guys have been using spreadsheets to show all the bets that they have placed and transactions etc.

    I was wondering if anybody had a template that I could use to get me started.


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    johnboy1980 1

    i would also appreciate one of these too one where i could add my bookies and one where i can keep track of bets & profit made

    Tony 11

    Google should help you fella here tbh. Ultimatcher? Is that the one that most people rave about?

    I made my own using Google Sheets, mainly so that I can access it anywhere (including my mobile). Very easy and you can always add more bells and whistles as you go

    LennieB 0

    +1 for Ultimatcher. Google it, latest version is 4.

    Chris 18

    I keep my spreadsheet really simple. Two columns, one titled “Deposits” whereby I list all of the deposits (£’s) that I pay in to bookies accounts or smarkets, I don’t feel the need to keep track of what bookies I’m paying in to. Second column titled “Withdrawals” whereby I enter all the withdrawals I make from my accounts (or smarkets). Everytime a deposit or credit appears in my bank account I highlight it green on my spreadsheet.

    I then total up each column on Thursday evenings (after midweek games have finished) and Sunday/Monday (after weekend games) then once all have been highlighted green, I deduct “Deposits” from “Withdrawals” to give my profit which I then transfer to my savings account.

    JDUBU 1

    can anyone recommend one for mac please?thank you

    deathstar 23

    all I have done is make a spreadsheet document in Open Office (I guess Microsoft office would be the same) and have a bookie in each column and the date on each row. Set one cell to add up all the values in one row then just enter the balance of each bookie at the end of each night. I’ve also added a column that keeps track of profit/loss each day. I have a blank template that I copy and start using each month. I would happily share it, obviously with Matt’s blessing, if anyone knows a way to distribute it, can we private message on here with attachments?

    deathstar 23

    I should add, its also got a page where I can record all my bets and has the basic calculator included so I can fill the odds in for the back/lays, and see if the profit/loss matches whats in the accounts.

    Nellie1 0

    Hey guys!

    I thought I’d bump this thread a little. I would be very interested in knowing how you create your spreadsheets. Right now, I just place bets all over the place and end up with mini heart attacks when I see that I have placed rather large bets that I have no memory of haha.. A simple and smart spreadsheet would be just the thing for me. The problem is that I’m not very good at working with Excel.. If someone would like to share their’s, I would be forever greatful!

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