Taking Cash Out on Accas

  • I’ve signed up with Betway to take advantage of their New Customer Offer and placed a £30 qualifying bet on a 3-way football acca at odds of 4.6/5.4 (back/lay) using the Money Back if Bet Loses calculator, which suggests I’ll make around £14 overall. (That’s not great, but I don’t subscribe to any services that might have found a closer odds match, and I wanted to go with high-profile games for my initial bet).

    Now the first leg of the acca has won, and Betway are offering me a cashout value of £55 (which includes my £30 stake). I can’t work out whether there is any way to earn more profit by taking the offer.

    The liability at the exchange is £94, based on a stake of just over £21, so if I simply take the cash out I could be the best part of £70 out of pocket if the other two legs win, although I’d make a total profit of £46 if one of the legs loses.

    Is it a general rule that cashing out matched bets is a bad idea?

  • Matt

    Hi @neil-s,

    If you know you stand to either win £46 or lose £70, you can use the difference between the two (£116) to calculate whether or not it’s worth cashing out.

    I don’t know what the back odds would have been for the remaining two teams to win, but let’s say they were 3.00.

    You divide £116 by 3.00 to get a back stake of £38.67. That locks in a profit of just over £7 no matter the outcome, so a fair bit short of the £14 you’ve already locked in.

    It’s usually best not to cash out and let your bets run.

    I hope that helps.

    Carloshalpinos 0

    Hello does anyone know how i can lay my last result from an acca? As in i have a 5 team acca 4 have won so odds on acca are 15.0 last leg of acca is 1.22 which is Argentina to beat Australia. What info do i put in the calculator please? As in back and lay? Am i laying Argentina or Australia?

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