Today's Hot Offers 02/01/2016 – Post them Here

  • Okay the Hot offers thread worked a treat but it took ages to load the thread so whoever comes on first let’s do this every day so we don’t miss out. Got a new deal a nice ARB etc. Post them here and we can subscribe to the thread daily to get the latest deals as they come in.

    Rules for thread
    1. Don’t chat or say good idea etc as we don’t want to be spammed
    2. Subscribe to it and offer will come straight to your in-box.
    3. More rules as we feel fit by discretion of members 🙂
    4. This thread could be withdrawn if we feel you have been abusing the New Offers and future subscribing to it will be blocked (in-joke)

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    DashBet 0

    Channel 4 1:50 Sandown Strategy – incl. all offers.

    Wide open race but looking to get the top 3 in the market onside using a variety of offers together.

    Back/Lay Grey Gold at Sky – looks unlikely to go off as favourite.
    Back/Lay Arthur’s Oak at William Hill – They’ve boosted him to 5/1 so a cheap lay
    Back/Lay Pearls Legend at Betfair (3/1+ win boost) – £25
    Back/Lay Barrakilla at Ladbrokes 7.0 and 7.2 lay – £25

    Combining these you could potentially hit two pay outs and are in with a very good chance of hitting at least one.

    Pavlon 3

    This is a good idea. So we’re using Sky-bet, Bet-fair and who else??

    RyanB 11

    Far too open to bother with to be honest, better off focusing on the races with there is less competition such as 2:05 Ayre and 2:25 Sandown, also I can only see odds of 5.50 for Arthur’s oak and not the 6.0 you say?

    Shaun46 1

    @Pavlon William Hill I think

    DashBet 0

    Due to price movements I’ve ended up with Arthur’s Oak on Sky who’s been backed into favourite 🙁 So now hoping for a Just Cameron win and Barrakilla/Pearl’s Legend 2nd!

    Ice Magic 3

    I got one free bet

    Better luck on the next bet365 race though backing presented:)

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