• Hi all. I started matchbetting a few years back just for the sign up offers, been following matt’s website though for about 2 months and realised how profitable it is. However i am now in the mindset of maximizing profit. I would like to hear from you guys who over/underlay to find out if it is worth that little extra risk or should i just keep to bog standard back/lay???

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Tony 12

    I will underlay certain arb opportunities created by bookie price boosts where the straight forward back/lay would only yield a teensy wee profit.

    I will also underlay when I have a strong opinion about the likelihood of the outcome happening. I am NEVER going to lose money on these bets, but sometimes (and it is only occasionally) I will underlay for a bit of interest. I used to like a bet (not any more) and I find that the occasional underlay gives me that wee buzz that betting used to.

    I have also heard that it is advisable to use underlaying tactics when trying to bust out of a large Welcome Bonus wager.

    mike j 11

    Thanks for the reply Tony. Have got a couple of days off work now so I am going to incorporate an under/over lay function into my calculator

    Rich 0

    I have recently started to play about with overlaying with some of my free bets depending on my confidence in the outcome not coming in. It probably works out at less than 10% of my free bets though.

    I’ve overlayed tonight on my Chelsea-Bournemouth free in-play bet tonight, backed a Bournemouth win with it and overlayed it so if the lay wins I get about £8.00 back, if the back bet wins then I think I get about £4.50. So either way I get a profit just a bigger one if the more likely result comes in so as Tony said it gives me a bit more interest in the match.

    One thing I always make sure though is that any qualifying losses are covered by either outcome. Had mixed success with overlaying on the horses, overlayed a couple of 15/1+ long shots (favourites in the races were around 4/1) and they only went and won so I only made smaller profits on those bets.

    Guess that’s the uncertainty of horse racing though. Football can be a bit more predictable. Though now I’ve said that watch Bournemouth go and win now!

    Tony 12

    There you go… perfect example of when I underlay…

    I’ve just bet £10 at Hills on their Barca to win & BTTS boost (4.0) and underlayed it fully as I am confident enough that it will happen. I will also be watching the match and for the sake of forgoing a locked in £4 or whatever it was, I now have a vested interest and a chance to take £11 odd profit from the bet.

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