unibet be careful!! account frozen/suspended

  • I have today attempted to login into my unibet account which I do not use very often to find that my account has been frozen and my funds frozen.
    Basically they do not have to explain why and are keeping my £££’s
    Just a heads up to everyone else. Keep your funds low. These people in the t and c’s can freeze your account at any time.

  • picnic29 1

    I only done a few bets with them. Think I took up the sign up offer, backed enhanced odds for novak to win Oz open which he did and won a bit. Backed enchanced odds for barca to win cl which they lost, maybe another small bet on a horse but that was around it really. Very strange because you just would not look at the account and say oh yes this lad is creaming it.

    I think as I had cash in an account and left it there I think they thought they would just help themselves.
    I could understand it more from skybet and bet365 but I did not use that many bets with them.
    At least you are aware.
    I see it as a good thing in a way as I know now these people cannot be trusted so withdrew from all other accounts apart from betfair exchange.


    Picnic,if it is as you say what your bets were and you dont have any duplicate accounts no way should they have frozen your account.
    You should not let this rest until you get your funds.

    Mark brown 0

    Paddy Power have just done the same with me. They offered me a promotion which I won nearly £400 on and they closed my account on business grounds.

    When trying to contact them they just say it’s a business decision. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT ONCE YOU HAVE WINNINGS!!!

    Tommy85 0

    I have played there for many years without any problems with withdrawels or deposits. But this time I finaly won a larger amount and then they suspended my account without saying why. But they told me I will hear from them and that I will recieve my money. Strange way of doing it?

    Snypa 1

    Change my name by Deed Poll get a new renewed passport a new bank account change my appearance slightly in the passportl photo new passports always come with new passport numbers should this suffice to open new set of accounts?

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