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  • Is it just me, or are the wagering requirements on most casino “offers” totally ludicrous? As an example, LeoVegas are currently offering a £5 cash reward if you deposit £50 and wager it 3x on slots. My experience is that, nine times out of ten, you’ll lose 50% of your initial stake by playing slots (and only very occasionally make any sort of profit) so the chances of being able to claim this reward are slim to nothing. Elsewhere I’ve seen wagering requirements up to 40x, surely a massive scam by any reasonable standard?

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    whitehallgreen 8

    Yes, ludicrous and unrealistic, I have never touched casino offers or greyhounds or anything exotic as there is enough to be made from standard trading even when gubbed by most of them.


    Like with matched betting, you need to be selective when looking at casino offers. As you say, the wagering requirements for a lot of offers make them unprofitable, but there are plenty of opportunities around.

    Jakkii82 0

    Some offers require 50 and 60 times wagering.
    When I first started I did a Netbet offer, was about £700 up when the offer showed 35 times wagering required. Managed to finish £360 up, had terrible trouble getting my money out, then they accused me of money laundering and blocked my acouunt Have never done a multi wagering since!

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