What parts of matched betting specifically do the bookies look to gub you for?

  • Hi all, loving the site and the forums – still very much finding my feet in the matched betting world but it feels like I’m learning a lot very quickly, with many thanks to Matt and the community here.

    I had a couple of questions regarding gubbing, I’ve read many of the old threads on the subject and was wondering which bits of matched betting activity the bookies particularly mind.

    I get that accounts which are only placing bets when there is an active promotion could be vulnerable and placing the odd mug bet now and then isn’t a bad idea.

    In terms of the sign ups, particularly the rollover offers where we’re happy to just lose our first bet and let the funds hit the exchange, presumably the bookies don’t mind so much even if they suspect you’re matching? As ultimately it should end up earning them money barring an unlikely winning streak?

    Also in terms of the value of the bets we’re placing, would I be right in assuming that the bookies are keeping an eye on the closeness of our bets to exchange odds (like the oddsmatcher on oddsmonkey) and will know if we are only betting on high % matches and therefore be more likely to gub us? I think I read somewhere that someone said they would make sure not to only do 90%+ matches for that reason and would throw in some worse matches from time to time.

    Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for any advice.