Why are some bookies and other exchanges hidden in posts?

  • I’ve noticed it is very common for various bookies and exchanges being hidden in posts.

    Not sure if it is just me that can’t see them, but it’s actually quite an annoying issue. There is no obvious gap where they should be, just a space as if intentional. When reading through other peoples posts it can be quite confusing when discussing bookies or exchanges as it isn’t clear when a new one is mentioned.

    Is there a chance someone could clear this up for me? I appreciate that this blog is heavily linked with Smarkets, but I think if they are intentionally hiding competitors names it doesn’t give the best impression.

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    beh 7

    Do you use an adblocker? The forum software turns certain bookies names into affiliate links, these get blocked by uBlock for me.

    mike j 10

    They always show on my screen. Could be your browser or software blocking links. Names of other bookies always appear green on my screen and link to the bookie itself

    asd 0

    Oh. Whoops.

    Pavlon 3

    Ahhhh! Adblocker!

    Thanks guys – this was really bugging me!

    Mark 1

    I think Matts software automatically picks up certain bookies and adds links to sign up to them, if you have adblocker installed it may not display the links.

    JeremyUsbourne 0

    Ohh that explains it. I was getting paranoid thinking Matt was censoring bookies with which he is not an affiliate…

    Tony 11

    To be honest, I have always wondered what place there is for affiliate links to bookie sites from a MATCH BETTING site?!? Surely to God they realise where the business is coming from and immediately put a black mark against that user?

    I know Matt has to make ends meet and all that, and I am not for one minute having a go, but it does seem bizarre that he would go to the trouble of writing guides on how to preserve bookie accounts and then plaster links all over the place that most probably scream “I am match betting” when you click thru them 😀

    Rod 0

    anyone with adblocker, should try ublock, does the same job and more, yet uses a lot less resources on your pc

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