WillHill Enhanced odds Vardy to score anytime @3.75

  • WillHill currently doing enhanced odds on Vardy to score anytime @3.75 up to £10.

    Bet against that on BetSafe or lay at BetFair for ~£2

  • Pavlon 3

    Bet-Fair disappeared.

    Shaun46 1

    I took it at betfair for 3.3 £1.20 profit

    Guppyboy 0

    Took the enhanced odds, was waiting for BF lay odds to come down a bit further, got distracted with the kids and ended up letting the bet run. Just logged on to find a nice £27.50 profit. I wish all my mistakes were that profitable!

    Pickle 57

    I hope he doesnt bloody score again or i may be in a bit of trouble lol

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