William Hill Premier League in Play

  • Guys when placing the qualifying bets for your £10 in play I’ve started looking at the ‘Draw No Bet’ market… Still get the £10 in play but if it finishes a draw a refund from both bookie and exchange?

  • Mark 1

    The match odds are miles away Everton 1.5/2.05 and palace 2.5/3.85

    You’d be bleeding money on the qualifiers, unless I’m missing a trick?

    Mark 1

    Assuming you meant laying the actual result and not laying on the draw no bet market, because if you did that all bets are void

    mike j 10

    I opted for 1-1. Bet will lose about £2 something but worth the risk if I get an extra 20 refunded from the bore draw if that’s what it’s called

    Tony S 6

    No I meant laying the draw no bet market… Voiding all bets if it’s a draw but still getting the £10 in play bet but not losing anything at all on the qualifier?… Please tell me I’m not wrong? lol

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