Winning at the bookies, Smarkets taking a hammering

  • Essentially going for unlocking the Bet365 £200 opening offer however I’ve won 3 on the bounce with them so have a large pile accumulating while my in hand dwindles due to depositing into Smarkets.

    What I’m asking is, is there an easy way of transferring back across? I can’t withdraw from Bet365 as it takes the bonus away. I’m guessing large amounts on high odds but that requires the cash in Smarkets and I guess arise suspicion?


  • Ice Magic 2

    Just keep backing low odds favouries. Man Utd would have been a good one today. Football is great for this as Southampton were favourites to beat west ham but i had a feeling they wouldnt.
    Just choose carefully and stake sensibly so you dont win hundreds in one go

    beh 7

    With a large WR to get through, even at quite high odds you’ll probably still hit a few winners and not be any better off in trying to lose it to the exchange. As above, if you don’t have the funds, just stick to grinding it out.

    Football is seemingly very unpredictable currently, horse racing is always so. I’ve unintentionally backed a lot of winners this week, several £hundred down in my exchange account.

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