Withdrawing from Bookies

  • What are peoples opinions on withdrawing money from bookies accounts when you win. Is this going to cause issues with being banned? Sometimes a run of results go in favour of one account and you end up with too much in a bookies account which would take for ever to bet through using normal offers etc.

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    Ice Magic 3

    My thought is that you should never withdraw. You want to look like you earn them money so best bet is to put £50 mug bets on and match them for a small loss each time. Think of it as a withdrawal fee.
    Yes you will lose some extra cash but they are hardly gonna restrict your account if they are making money from you

    Tony 12

    When I started out I would deposit, place the quali and free bet and immediately withdraw any bookie balance after the bets had settled. Whilst admittedly a little shortsighted in terms of prolonging the life of said account, this was mainly as I didn’t have much of a bankroll to begin with, so was a necessity for me.

    Now that I have a bigger float I just leave money sitting in ‘big’ bookie accounts all over the place, haha! Only time I won’t do that is probably with the less well known bookies (e.g. Tonybet) – I am only interested in their sign up bonus anyway, so not too fussed if they close my account once I have taken advantage.

    Agree with Fantom that if you really must withdrawn from a bookie, you are better to lost that money into the exchange at a small cost – good tip.

    chris 1

    Obviously you can’t guarantee that you will never withdraw. If you could, then there would be no point in using them in the first place; you could do just the lay bets and make more. But that would be risky and defeat the whole point!

    Chappers1888 1

    Got to disagree with fantom on this one to an extent. Several people who use this forum myself included were losing money, lots of it, to PP. Mug bets aplenty and still got restricted.

    mike j 11

    i very rarely withdrawl from the bookie unless my exchange balance falls below ‘x’ amount. What i have noticed though is that the bookies that i have which contain a balance of £150+ tend to send me more emails regarding offers such as bet 10 get 10, price boosts etc

    STC 4

    surely bookies will become suspicious if you never withdraw? What happens if you just deposit money over and over for like a year and do no withdrawals despite having the occasional wins!?

    I personally try and behave in a normal way on my bookies account. Don’t do too many withdrawals but if I do have a big ‘win’ on the bookies then I will withdraw some of the funds (as thats what a normal punter would surely do!)

    MarkC 1

    I hit the Dirty Dozen Poker Jackpot on WH (and twice on Betfair, sick brag!) so I’m net +£1500 from WH. I lifted it all and treated my wfe to a holiday like any normal person would do. I was a losing punter but only in pennies as poker is more my game. Why would and average Joe who’s average balance is less than £50 leave £500+ in their account?

    Like STC says, be a regular punter, withdraw when you win big and deposit when you lose.

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