• could someone give me an example and advice on how to tackle 10BETS sign up offer? any advice much appreciated in my first week match betting.

    thanks in advance

  • greig A 1

    Yes that’s easy……don’t do it yet if it’s your first week.

    There are plenty of other offers first. I think their roll over is x8. You will need a lot in your exchange to cover it all, 2k would be nice and a bit of experience!

    Do some of the smaller ones first and there are reloads everyday to keep you plodding along!

    Tony 3

    My advice, unless you have a HUGE float to wager with, is not to touch it just yet. Even if you do have the cash to tackle it, I would argue that you should build up some experience of MB first.

    Start with the smaller offers and work your way up – the likes of the 10 Bet sign up bonus can lead to you needing to place a large volume of bets (£1k+) in order to meet the wagering rollover requirements that make the bonus withdrawable.

    You also run the risk of getting restricted mid way through, which slows down the rate at which you can progress in some cases.

    Anyway, welcome and good luck if you do decide to start with these “harder” sign up bonuses 🙂

    deathstar 9

    I agree with greig A and tony, this is NOT for a noob. in fact, I’ve just been looking at it and I’m not sure I’ve got the funds to comfortably get through it yet.
    When doing big wagering requirements, you have to consider that a lot of money will be tied up on just this one bookie for at least a few days, more probably weeks, as you wait for suitable odds to come along and the games to be then played and settled. All that time (and float) could be spent doing little £10 and £25 bets on ongoing bonuses (such as bet £25 get £10 in-play and the like) to build your float up and gain more experience.
    It is very frustrating looking at a massive offer of £100 or £200 and weighing up if you can do it, but trust me, one slip on an offer like this can spell disaster.

    beh 3

    If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t be doing it yet. As others have said, gain some experience first.

    This thread is worth a read in the meantime – https://matchedbettingblog.com/topic/winner-co-uk-help/

    buckolad 0

    Cheers for the advice lads, I’ll stick to the smaller offers as you said and build up a bit more knowledge ???

    Kennyrogers777 0

    Its 6x rollover how much do i have to deposit to get the 100 bonus. Wanting to do this and the offer for darts/golf put on the site today

    westmatch 16

    10bet are the only bookmaker to close my account and confiscate my funds. I had an account with them for 5 years and deposited and withdrew without question. My last withdrawal of £500 resulted in ID verification (again) and suspension then closure. Reason is “multi accounting” because my wife had an account too…..for years.
    Small Claims court next destination with SAR evidence as IBAS is just a waste of time.
    I would avoid 10Bet like Ebola

    Alvin 4

    @kennyrogers777 the offer has changed since the original post to 50% up to £100 so you would need to deposit £200 to get the full bonus.

    good luck with your claim mate, hope you manage to get the money back

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