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  • Bet Calculator for bet and lay always predicts a negative loss for me. I’ve watched the videos and read the info, but it’s only good if you bet to win free bet cash.

    Lots of sites I signed up for and missed the freebies, so I’m betting as normal to try and win, but all the odds just don’t make anything winnable, what am I missing here with bet and lay not being profitable?


  • Matt

    Matched betting is all about taking advantage of bookmaker promotions. The value is in the promotions, rather than the odds.

    It’s sometimes possible to make a profit without a promotion if the back odds are higher than the lay odds. This is known as ‘arbing’, but it’s bad for account health and should only be done on accounts that have been restricted.

    You may have missed some of the sign up offers, but if you’ve not used your accounts a great deal, you would probably be able to do reload offers on them. There are over 50 sign up offers available too, so chances are there are a few you’re able to do.

    I hope that helps.

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